Palau unveils plan for shark sanctuary

A shark sanctuary bigger than France

Témoignages.re / 26 septembre 2009

A shark sanctuary, this is the plan unveils by Palau during the Assembly’s annual General Debateof the UN. The goal is to protect endangered species by banning all commercial shark fishing within its territorial waters, an area bigger in size than France.

Johnson Toribiong, President of Palau, told the third day of the Assembly’s annual General Debate that his country wanted to provide “a sanctuary for sharks to live and reproduce unmolested in our 237,000 square miles of ocean.” That is an area bigger in size than France.

The President of Palau urged other countries to join the tiny nation and ban shark fishing in their waters, said an UN press release.

Important information : “the strength and beauty of sharks is a natural barometer for the health of our oceans,” said Mr. Toribiong.

It explains why Palau has already banned the practice of “shark-finning,” where the fins – used for cooking and in traditional cures – are removed from the shark, which is then thrown back into the sea to die.